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Cloak of Thoughts

The idea behind Cloak of Thoughts came to me while being particularly disgruntled at the current stae of gaming and especially MMOs. I started to collect some ideas and formulate them on how best to solve certain ssues I found very bugging in the games that I have played. After having done that in solitude for a while and only passively reading and commenting on other bloggs I thought it was time to open my own.

My aim is to keep this blogg updated at least once a week and blogg about the various games that have just launched, will launch or are old timers in the business. So if you like games and would like to discuss on how best to improve upon them or just want to make your opinion heard on which type of game design change is really good. You might want to check Cloak of Thoughts out!

About me

RogueKish is as the name cleverly tells a Rogue I made during my younger more carefree MMO days of yore in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, called Kishmet (quckly abbreviated into Kish in my first guild). Over the years Kishmet has moved from several games like Age of Conan, Dungeons& Dragons: Online, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic, always in the guse of a stealthy Rogue or commonly known as a glass canon.

The name of the blogg is a reference to Kishmet’s many raiding adventures where Cloak of Shadow gave hm more freedom concerning raid tactics (he could ignore them) and coined the well known phrase n his guld: “Got a mortgage to pay? A girlfriend who is pregnant?Cops are after you? Don’t worry Cloak of Shadows solves ecerything!”

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